Pairing Cheese | What wine combines with cheese?

Pairing Cheese | What wine combines with cheese?

combinar queso vino maridaje

Cheese and wine are among the best pleasures in the world. Most of them, when it comes to pairing cheese, do it with red wine, but there are many possibilities. Did you know that in the past, customers visited the wineries and were offered a little bit of cheese before tasting the wine? This was done so that the possible faults that this wine could have were not so much appreciated. The taste and the fat of the cheese made the palate less sensitive.

Pairing cheese and wine is a wonderful way to experiment and find your own tastes, while trying different wines and cheese that you might not dare to taste. Some of our advice is based on the most common pairings the great families of cheeses, distinguished by their characteristics of taste, smell and textures, and also by the type of milk for its preparation. Another important point to take into account is the curing time when accompanying it with wine.

Fresh cheese

This type of cheese has a soft texture, more or less salty, with a pronounced taste of milk and presence of acidity. Fresh cheeses are usually served with sweet or salty accompaniments. If the option chosen is sweet flavors, the cheese can be accompanied by sweet wines. On the other hand, if we present them with herbs or nuts, the ideal is a dry white wine.

Goat and sheep cheeses

These types of cheeses go well with dry or semi-dry white wines that are slightly fruity, and red wines with very few tannins. On the other hand, full-bodied and intense aging reds are perfect for cured sheep’s milk cheeses.

Blue cheeses

The stronger and saltier these cheeses are, the better they are. Their fat and tender paste can be enjoyed with a glass of very sweet wine, either white or red, and even Vermouth.

Soft cheeses with a mouldy rind

Cheeses with an unctuous texture and a more or less creamy taste are even more enjoyable with a glass of red wine that is a bit woodsy. One of the options not to fail when combining this type of cheese is to pair it with Cavas and Champagnes, since the bubbles contrast with the intense flavor and refresh the mouth with their very creamy texture.

Soft cheeses with washed rind

This family is characterized by cheeses with a very powerful flavor and aroma and a creamy texture. A wise proposal is to serve them with very aromatic white wines.

Uncooked pressed cheese

These cheeses are characterized by a mild flavor and a flexible but dense paste. In this case, it is worth betting on mature red wines, with an enveloping and delicate body, deep aromas and complex flavors.

So you know how to combine taste and enjoyment!