Our story

  1. Our story begins in 1927, with the birth of Angel Vazquez. Born into a hard-working and humble family.

    Since he was a child he showed passion and enthusiasm for his family’s work and a special interest in business.

    The years passed and Angel met his future wife, Carmen. The Vazquez family was born.

  2. The family began working in Carmen’s father’s bakery. In 1960, by receiving payment of a debt with a herd of goats, Angel decided to make artisan cheese.

    For years Angel embarked on the project of finding ways to refine the production and quality of his products.

  3. In 1972, Quesos los Vázquez, was registered as the first cheese factory in Andalusia, closing the history of a man who, with courage and effort, managed to achieve his dream.

    Today, almost 50 years later, we continue working with the same enthusiasm and effort as our founder to bring our best creation to your table.