Lactose-free spanish cheeses for intolerants

Lactose-free spanish cheeses for intolerants

At Los Vázquez we are aware of the people who cannot ingest lactose, that is why for several years we have been innovating and creating our range of lactose-free cheeses, cheeses that although they do not contain any lactose have the same taste and smell as a normal cheese.

How are lactose-free cheeses made at Los Vázquez?

Lactose is a sugar present in animal milk and therefore is found in cow, sheep or goat milk. Although in cheese, the older it is, the less lactose it contains.

The elaboration of lactose-free cheeses is the same as the process of lactose cheeses, but during the process, an enzyme called lactase is added. This enzyme is what prevents the milk sugar from being broken down into galactose and glucose.

Types of lactose-free cheeses

In Los Vazquez cheeses we have a great variety of cheeses without lactose, both cured cheeses and fresh cheeses.

Lactose-free fresh cheeses:

Our lactose-free fresh cheese is made from pasteurized goat’s and cow’s milk, with lactase and salt.

Queso Fresco Sin Lactosa 250 gr.

Lactose-free cured cheeses:

At Los Vázquez we have created our best cheeses for people who are lactose intolerant, so that they can continue to enjoy our characteristic flavor and aroma of our cheeses. With a minimum maturation of 8 months.

Retoño Sin Lactosa 1_2

Lactose Free Cheese “El Abuelo”:

Cured goat’s cheese and salt, high in protein, calcium and phosphorus, with a minimum curing period of 8 months.

Old Goat Cheese without lactose:

Aged goat’s milk cheese, matured in extra virgin olive oil. With a minimum curing period of 14 months.

What are the properties of lactose-free cheese?

Like all dairy products, lactose-free cheese has a multitude of properties, containing calcium (for bones), phosphorus, vitamin B12, iron, proteins… a host of properties that are beneficial to our health.

You can find all our products on our website where you can get these products in different sizes and you can buy them from our own website or even in the supermarkets you trust.