Fresh Cheese | Natural and traditional

Fresh Cheese | Natural and traditional

Fresh cheeses are cheeses with a very simple production method. Fresh cheeses take less than 24 full hours to curdle, where only a small amount of whey is removed. As fresh cheeses are made with pasteurized milk, the conservation time is very short, so they have to be consumed in a short period.

To make them, this process is carried out in the great majority of cases:

  1. The technique of acid coagulation has to be carried out, so bacteria are used. Sometimes rennet can be added. They do not usually carry any type of preservatives.
  2. After 24 hours incubating at an estimated temperature of 25 to 30 degrees, the mixture is ready to drain. This is done gently and delicately, so in about 1 hour the cheese is ready.
  3. Fresh cheeses are not pressed and are not matured. Since it has to obtain a totally white dairy with a soft and creamy consistency.

Are Fresh Cheeses healthy?

The reasons why fresh cheese is a healthy cheese are:

  • They are not submitted to the maturing process, so no more than what you need is added. Sometimes, master cheese makers use fat within the maturation process.
  • As it is only milk and bacteria, the natural fat content is reduced. Although this elaboration changes when fresh lactose free cheeses are made
  • They provide less sodium or salt per serving.
    Fresh cheeses are ideal for people with heart problems and arteriosclerosis.

What kind of fresh cheese do we have at Los Vázquez?

In Los Vázquez you will find a wide range of fresh cheeses for the most demanding palates of our customers and you can buy them on our website.

Cottage cheese:

In some places it is known as whey cheese. It is made, as its name suggests, from the discarded whey of some other cheeses. The whey is heated to over 90 degrees, so the proteins precipitate and become more solid. Despite its texture, it remains moist and soft.

Villalón cheese:

Villalón cheese is made from sheep’s milk, and is usually curdled as soon as the sheep has been milked. Sometimes sheep’s and cow’s milk are mixed, and sometimes only cow’s milk. It is presented to consumers in the form of cylinders.

Pure Fresh Cincho Goat Cheese:

Cincho is the most demanded fresh cheese format at a national level. Made with goat’s milk, it contains the unmistakable taste of the authentic traditional fresh cheese.

If you want to find our great variety of fresh cheeses and the different types of fresh cheeses that we have in Los Vázquez, visit our web in the section of fresh cheese and you can find our products.