Is it healthy to eat fresh cheese? We tell you about its properties

Is it healthy to eat fresh cheese? We tell you about its properties

Fresh cheese is a food that has a long tradition. Many historians have found evidence that it was produced more than 7,200 years ago. Since then an incredible range of varieties has been developed. The type of milk and the methods of production make the difference. Mainly cow, sheep and goat milk is used, although there are also cheeses with other origins.

Fresh cheeses are one of the best alternatives for the diets of cheese-loving sportsmen and women, since they contain fewer calories than cured cheeses, as well as containing a large amount of protein. Fresh cheese is a food as complete as it is essential in any healthy diet and its digestion is less heavy, which also favours the appearance of less intolerance.


queso fresco saludable


In addition to its great protein contribution we can highlight the fresh cheese:

  • Folic acid. It protects the nervous system, prevents the appearance of anaemia and strengthens the muscles.
  • Vitamin B2. Facilitates the correct functioning of the respiratory system. Protects the cells.
  • It has probiotic properties. Helps the digestive system to perform its function naturally.

The advantages of consuming soft cheeses

  • High supply of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus.
  • They are rich in proteins and amino acids.
  • Very digestible.
  • Their caloric and sodium content is lower than that of cured cheeses.
  • Their proteins can replace those of meat and eggs.

Since fresh cheese is an excellent source of healthy nutrients, we should choose it and incorporate it into our daily diet.