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Cured Cheese | Spanish Manufacturer

There are many types of cheese, but there is no doubt that cured cheese is one of the most popular. Due to its elaboration process, the characteristics of the cured cheese are unique and interesting from a nutritional point of view. We understand better the characteristics of the cured cheese, its way of elaboration, its benefits and characteristics.

How do we get the Cured Cheese?

In order for us to consider the marinade of cheese, a series of characteristics must be respected: the cured cheese must be matured between three and six months. The curing time will depend on the size of the slice and the type of cheese. Cured cheese can be made with cow’s or goat’s milk or a mixture of these milks. To make them, the milk must go through a different process. After milking, the milk is kept in a refrigerated tank to guarantee its hygiene. It is then transported to the factory in a truck equipped with a thermostat to avoid breaking the cold chain.

The laboratory is in charge of analyzing the milk so that it meets all the guarantees. Once analyzed, they are pasteurized and stored to produce different types of cheese. For the cured cheese, the milk is introduced into the production barrel where the coagulation process takes place. Later, the whey is separated from the cheese to fill the different moulds in which the cheese acquires its shape.

A fundamental step after removing the cheese from the mold is the salting. The brine in which it is introduced is fundamental, since, thanks to this process, the cheese acquires its protective rind and in addition it is given the appropriate point of salt for each type of cheese. Only the ripening process remains in specific chambers where each cheese goes through a series of cares and coverings to achieve the best qualities. Thanks to their knowledge of the raw material, the master cheese makers strive to give each variety the desired organoleptic characteristics.

What are the properties of Cured Cheese?

The properties of the cheese are even more concentrated in the cured cheeses. They are recommended for those people who want to add calcium to their diet and are also a good source of protein. The calories of cured cheese are also higher than those of other types of cheese, about 400 per 100 grams. So they are perfect for people who want to gain some weight and should be taken in moderation in hypocaloric diets.

What Cured Cheeses can be found at Los Vazquez?

In Los Vazquez you will find a wide range of cured cheeses for the most demanding palates of our customers and with a variety of types of cured cheeses that you can find on our website.

First we find the cured cheese Añejo 1972: a combination of cow, goat and sheep cheese, matured in extra virgin olive oil, with a minimum curing period of 12 months.

Secondly, the cured cheese “El Retoño” without lactose: a combined cheese between cow and goat cheese, with a minimum curing period of 5 months.

Añejo de Cabra” cheese: cheese made from goat’s milk and matured in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, matured for at least 14 months.

Cheese “El Abuelo”: Cured cheese made from goat’s milk, with a minimum elaboration of 6 months for lactose free cheese and 8 months for lactose free cheese.

To obtain more products of our cured cheeses and to be able to buy our products you can visit our website or you can find our products in your local store.